Gotta Love The Celebrity Experiences!!!!

What an experience to have the opportunity to work with celebrities!! Who knew the year 2022 would bring this experience!! Of course, I have my list of celebrities I want to meet as anybody else. But if you'd told me through my business, I would come in close contact with them and have the opportunity to service them through my gift and passion, I would have silently, nonchalantly blown you off. I was so blessed and humbled with the experience. I love what my business and brand offer, I love that I can be as personable as I like and really cater to my clients. It's a rewarding feeling when individuals of a celebrity status choose your business to service their needs. At the end of the day, they are people like anybody else and they want to relax and escape the pressures and realities of their world, feel appreciated and pampered. I just want to encourage others that will experience this opportunity! Relax, be confident in what you do and what you have to offer! Do the job that you are called and paid to do, don't be a groupie. Make the experience about them and not yourself, remember they want to relax and escape the pressures of their world, help them to do that, be kind, gentle, and just be yourself! Be open minded and passionate in your work, approach, and smile!! Can't wait to service more celebrities through my passion and gift of service! Peace!!

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