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Our Manicures & Pedicures are an indulging experience you definitely want to take advantage of! When you book one of our services you are receiving an indulging experience with a licensed and trained professional.  EyeCandy Mobile will pamper your hands and feet from start to finish using our EyeCandy Indulgence Products. In addition, we will educate you throughout your service, making you aware of every detail of the steps and products used to preform your service and begin your healthy nail journey!

In addition, if you choose to take one of our classes, as you or your team's educator we will teach you tips & tricks of the trade, educate and improve your productivity, creativity and even revenue. Your clients are sure to enjoy this captivating experience, rave about your service, knowledge and the care you took in servicing and making them feel pampered from start to finish and continue rebooking! Book your service or class today with our trained professionals.

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Our EyeCandy Indulgence Mission

EyeCandy Indulgence is dedicated to servicing the community, teaching students and other nail specialist, as well as educating our salon and spa owners on the importance of healthy nails, the importance of a healthy flow and productivity in the salon or spa. In addition, we want to educate you on the benefits of non-toxic service and products as well as what it means to the client and industry.

Through our expertise and experience we believe we can bring awareness within the industry & benefits of various applications, whether it be for your Nails, Hair or Locs. 
EyeCandy Indulgence follows safe and clean regulations. We are also following the recent Covid 19 pandemic, mandates. Secondly, we thoroughly clean, sanitize and sterilize every tool after each use. Furthermore, EyeCandy Indulgence is committed to learning and sharing new ideas as it relates to the nail and beauty industry. We are passionate about our services and eager to connect and contribute to the industry.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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