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My name is Candice Wicks. I am an experienced beauty professional. I am very passionate about the beauty industry & services I provide. As well as my contribution to this industry as a professional.  EyeCandy Indulgence was created to share my expertise in products and beauty services I am most familiar with, such as nails, natural hair, protective styling and Locs. One area of my expertise is in non-toxic nail care; with that I have created a line of products that caters to the needs of the customers. In addition, I wanted to reach and educate other technicians, specialist & students with a supply of non-toxic products they can provide through service. In addition, I am actively working to make the products available to salons and spas for use on their clients. In sharing my passion, I hope to encourage and teach others to love what they do & perfect their skills in this industry. Through passion you can improve productivity, creativity, revenue & skill set. Our EyeCandy Indulgence products are formulated with natural ingredients, oils and fragrances to enhance, repair, & strengthen. I can't wait for you to try EyeCandy Indulgence products and share your thoughts!

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My Story

Hello!!! My name is Candice Wicks, some call me Candy! I am the founder & owner of EyeCandy Mobile Nails & Services LLC.  EyeCandy Mobile was created to service individuals through mobile service from the comfort of their home, office, and other comfortable spaces. I saw a high demand for services offered mobile, people valued good work but also the convenience of service. Many times, individuals also play many roles on their jobs, at home and in their communities. This makes it sometimes difficult to take time for self and cater to your own needs, because you are often always catering to the needs of others. Through the concept of mobile service, I realized I could be as personable as I wanted with individuals and really cater to the needs of my clients and even celebrate them in my own way. This gave me an overwhelming sense of purpose and grew my passion for wanting to be a part of something where I could genuinely love on people and also contribute to how they see themselves and also feel! In addition, since a little girl I loved the beauty industry and what it represented. I also developed a passion for working with my hands and incorporating my creativity and sense of style. Since creating this brand I'm excited to introduce to you EyeCandy Indulgence! As an experienced beauty industry professional, I possess over 19 years of experience in the beauty industry. My specialty is non-toxic nail care. In addition, I have expertise in the field of Locs, Braiding, Natural Hair Care, Lashes and I hope too soon add Massage to the list. I am constantly learning and evolving in my areas of expertise. As I grow my vision, ideas, passion and thoughts blossom. Passion has carried me thus far in my career as a beauty professional. I love all things beauty and I am committed to sharing my passion and gift of service with other individuals. I created EyeCandy Indulgence to share my expertise as a nail specialist, and beauty professional through the use of non-toxic products, skill and experience. When you have worked in the field as long as I have you develop a passion for servicing others, as well as a strong product base. I know what products are needed as well as how to effectively use them. In my experience I see many technicians and specialist are just kind of going through the motion with their services, not realizing the gift of service is so much deeper than that! I desire to change and make a huge impact in nail industry, as well as educate the public on the importance of the statement beauty from within. You must treat and cater to the body from the inside out, after which the beauty shines flawlessly on the outer side. Yes, looking good on the outside is great but what do you possess on the inside, so that your beauty & the beauty of things flows naturally and effortlessly. This is where EyeCandy Indulgence comes into play. EyeCandy Indulgence products are formulated with all natural ingredients, oils and fragrances! I desire to travel, teaching and sharing my expertise in the beauty industry, especially non-toxic nail services. Aside from juggling a demanding career in the beauty industry, I have 4 beautiful children I adore. Two boys and two girls ranging from the age of 20 to the youngest who is 9. Being a mother is my first passion, I desired a career where I could do what I love and be as hands on and involved in my children's daily lives as possible.  I am so excited to continue growing as a professional and share my passion with you!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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