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EyeCandy Indulgence

Sweet Indulgence For The Body & Mind

Where Passion For All Things Beauty Lives!!!!


EyeCandy Indulgence

EyeCandy Indulgence is our specialty! EyeCandy Indulgence is a sweet indulgence for the body and mind!

Here we provide services & non-toxic nail, hair, loc products, as well as apparel. We are continually adding to our product lines, and we want you to be among the first to know! All of our products are created to pamper, repair and enhance the beauty of your nails, hair, and skin. In addition, our apparel is designed to target our audience with catchy phrases, as well as bring awareness to the brand. These products are for everyone.

EyeCandy Indulgence takes self-care to a whole new level. Having worked in the various industries, we use that to our advantage. Who to trust better than someone with experience from working in the various beauty industry fields? These individuals know what works and can supply you with a product & service that will work based on your needs and desires, as well as one you can be happy with. Our products & services are designed to cater to your beauty and self-care needs. Anything worth having requires patience and consistency. Treat yourself and others to an EyeCandy Indulgence!

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Image by Masiyah


Image by Christin Hume

EyeCandy Indulgence products are formulated with natural ingredients, oils and fragrances.

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